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The Board of Education makes available the buildings and facilities first for the educational curriculum of the School District. Community use is encouraged insofar as it does not interfere with curricular and extra-curricular activities related to the schools. Approved Community use events may be cancelled when required to accommodate curricular or extra-curricular activities. Final approval of all use requests is subject to review by the Principal, Director of Operations, Superintendent, and local Fire and Health and Safety authorities. Primary Schools are not available for Community use until after 4:30 pm. Each facility may provide additional rules and guidelines that must be followed. All direction given by school staff and Custodians must be followed. Groups or persons will not be granted permits when the request is for activities that are in conflict or competition with District programs or not authorized by Board policy.

Applications must be submitted on a timely basis. Applications may need advanced acceptance based upon approval by the Superintendent. All requested information found on the application must be provided. The individual in charge of said event who will be on site must (digitally) sign the application. Users should familiarize themselves with the location of defibrillators located in each school. In the event of medical or other emergency, call 911. Participants and spectators must remain only in areas approved for use; and only use the entrances and restrooms approved by School staff. Participants and spectators should not be on stages, stairs, platforms, mechanical areas, or any other area not specifically authorized for their use. Activities must be appropriate for the area; no running, play or roughhousing in hallways.

As a condition of the agreement, insurance obligations may be required as listed: a Surety bond in an amount to be determined by the Superintendent or his/her designee. The bonds shall cover loss or damage to school premises, building(s), furniture, fixtures or equipment and bodily injuries. Or, comprehensive public liability insurance with the Board of Education, its members, employees and agents named in the policy as additional insured. The amount of the liability coverage shall be determined by the Superintendent or designee. The District should receive a Certificate of Insurance from the group's insurance company, plus a copy of the additional insured endorsement. In addition, the group should give the District a Hold Harmless statement. The responsibility and liability for injury to persons or damage to property caused by or arising out of negligence of the organization using the facilities must be assumed by the organization or individual making the application. The organization and the designated responsible individual jointly and severally shall indemnify and hold the Board of Education and its members, employees and agents harmless from any and all claims and liability arising out of or related to such usage, including but not limited to claims and liabilities for negligence and strict liability in tort, and from all costs and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys fees, incurred as a result solely and approximately from the negligence caused by or arising out of negligence of the organization using the facilities of the Board of Education.

The adoption of policies, rules, and regulations for the use of school property does not automatically give permission to any person or group for the use of school property.

Facilities are not available for rental or usage on days when schools are closed for a holiday. When schools are closed because of snow or other calamity all activities may be postponed or cancelled. Use during vacations and holidays shall not conflict with building maintenance, and will depend on the availability of school staff for supervision. All buildings shall be vacated by 9:30 p.m. Where required, rental fees shall be paid two (2) weeks in advance, payable to the Anthony Wayne Board of Education; other costs shall be billed by the Treasurer's Office and full payment must be made within thirty (30) days. Failure to timely pay bills may result in denial of future building use requests. In no case will those who have been granted permits assign, transfer, sublet, or charge a fee to others for the use of school property. When a building is opened outside normal operating hours, it MUST have in charge a custodian, principal, teacher, or other school employee authorized by the Superintendent. If police protection is deemed necessary by school officials, it shall be the responsibility of the Organization to arrange to have such service provided at their expense

Custodian’s and Cook’s extra hours or overtime, including clean-up, will be charged as required at the appropriate hourly rate. Food-service personnel shall be required when kitchen facilities are used.

Neither the Principal nor other School District employees are responsible to provide supervision. Users must take reasonable steps to ensure orderly behavior and will be responsible for paying for all damage or loss associated with their use of the facility or equipment (excepting ordinary wear), including property of students and employees. The District will not be responsible for any loss of valuables or personal property.

Responsibility for enforcement of rules and regulations concerning use of District facilities rests with the user group, and any infractions may be grounds for refusing to grant subsequent requests for the use of District facilities. Smoking and the use of tobacco substitute products is prohibited. No fireworks or explosives of any nature are permitted in or about school facilities. No noxious material or hazardous chemical is permitted on school property. No materials, signs or posters may be attached to walls, floors or ceilings, without special approval of the property authority.

Special equipment such as audiovisual or athletic equipment will be provided at the discretion of the school principal. If athletic equipment or other equipment owned by the School District is used by a group or individual, the group or individual must provide adequate trained supervision for the use of the equipment. All groups will use Anthony Wayne Personnel and equipment for productions in the high school auditorium. Under no circumstances, are school supply items (paper, art supplies, balls, etc.) to be used by community groups. Custodians are not permitted to distribute equipment that has not been requested on the building permit application.

Decorations must be fireproof and shall be erected and taken down in a manner not destructive to District property. Decorations are subject to the approval of the building administrator. There shall be no open flames such as candles, permitted. The use of any materials on floors or other parts of the building is strictly prohibited without specific approval in writing from the building administrator. Use of stages, furniture, and equipment must be arranged for in advance. Allowed set-up and clean-up tasks may be performed by members of the group using the facility, provided the responsible persons are listed on the application. Additional custodial services required for work not done satisfactorily will be paid for by the using group.

No unauthorized methods of obtaining funds, including any form of gambling, are permitted in District buildings or on District grounds. Corridors, exits, and stairways must be free of obstructions at all times. Exits are to be lighted when facilities are in use. Members of audience or spectators must never stand or sit so they block exits, stairways, or aisle ways. Flyers, booklets, or other printed or audio-visual materials may not be distributed unless they relate directly to the activity for which the school facility is being used.

Non-marking gym shoes must be worn when using any gymnasium floor.
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